About Us

So you want to know about the Kansas City Horns? You want to know our likes, our dislikes, our hobbies, the things that give us indigestion, that kind of thing? Of course you do, because you are probably some kind of crazy stalker. But information wants to be free–or so I hear–and I’d rather you get it directly from us than by rooting around in our garbage and watching our house from across the street, you big weirdo.

PriceThis is Price. He is a big nerd who likes Star Trek and The Simpsons and comic books. What a loser! And worse, he is supposed to be some kind of authority figure, which would basically be a big joke except nobody’s laughing. Anyway, Price grew up in central Arkansas, but decided to stay in Missouri after graduating from Missouri State University. He currently works as a technical writer at a Kansas City financial services firm, but you’ll be happy to know he doesn’t work very hard.

ShannonThis is Shannon. She’s married to Price, so her taste and judgment are clearly suspect. She is an assistant pastor at a church here in Kansas City, which would probably be more than a little surprising to her goth friends from high school back in St. Louis. But being a member of the clergy has its privileges: she gets awesome parking spots at the hospital. Just sayin’. Also a Missouri State graduate, she enjoys scrapbooking, which is a high-falutin’ way of saying she she likes to glue pictures into books, despite the fact that she is a grown woman.

StevenThis is Steven. Not only is he not an adult, he’s not even a teenager! That’s right, he’s just a kid. And what a kid! Like many kids his age, he is obsessed with video games and Legos and with badgering his parents to purchase him merchandise related to video games and Legos. His father is trying to foster an appreciation for comic books and other geeky stuff, so basically he is not going to have worry about a social life when he gets older. When he grows up, he wants to be a deep-sea diving paleontologist explosives expert. Also, he harbors a disturbing fascination with organized crime.

MayaThis is Maya. Look how tiny she is! That is because she is even younger than her big brother. Yeah, that’s how that works, people. Anyway, Maya is a feisty little kid who enjoys riding her bike, watching Spongebob Squarepants, and angrily ordering everybody around like a miniature Mussolini until she gets what she wants. And what does she want? Everything. Perhaps most frighteningly, even at her young age she has already learned to use her cuteness as a weapon, to the point that she is basically a Ninja of Adorableness.

And that is all.

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