Lots of Snow and Ice Everywhere We Go

…You are a refuge from the storm and a shelter from the heat.
Isaiah 25:4b (NLT)

The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you.
Deuteronomy 33:27 (NLT)

We think of Christmas as a winter holiday. And it is, technically, but just barely. Christmas Day rolls in at the very beginning of winter, which means that it’s the gateway to three months of bitter cold, shoveling the driveway, icy roads, and having to rearrange your life because the kids are having another snow day. The most wonderful time of the year leads into the least wonderful. Children pray for a white Christmas, but trust me: their parents want all that white gone by December 26.

A few years ago, a Christmas day packed with “lots of snow and ice” was responsible for one of my most terrifying nights ever. We awoke on Christmas morn to a world blanketed in white. All was right with the world, until we later drove to a dinner party at a friend’s house—a house at the bottom of a steep, icy hill. When it was over, we couldn’t make it back up that hill, and thus had to take the back way out. White-knuckled, we eased down an even steeper hill coated in deep snow and ice, slipping and sliding toward a frozen pond and certain death. Yes, we survived, but fearing for one’s life does not a Merry Christmas make. Never were we so happy to get back to the warm, protected confines of a house.

Such is winter. It is cold, it is snowy, it is icy, it is dangerous. We may curl up indoors with hot cocoa by roaring fires, but a remarkably unpleasant reality lurks just outside our windows. Likewise, such is the nature of life in our fallen creation: it is cold and dangerous, and unless we are given shelter from its predations, it will destroy us. And shelter—a warm, inviting shelter of the spirit—is just what our Savior has provided us. Life’s bitter storms may rage outside, but we have been given an incredible Christmas gift: refuge.

What storms are raging in your life today? How has God provided protection from those storms?

Thank you, God, for the refuge you provide from the storms of this life.

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