Running for It, Week 25: In which OH CRAP I forgot to post this thing

What the heck? It’s Wednesday already? How did that even happen? Oh, right… that’s how time generally works.

Okay, yeah, I forgot to post anything about last week’s runs, but I’m pressed for time. So let’s just let these two words do the talkin’:


(Note: May contain more than two words.)

Here’s another thing I’ll let do the talkin’–a chart (courtesy of RunKeeper)!

I was told there would be no math

We were spending the weekend in the St. Louis area, visiting family, so I had to plan out a new route, sight unseen. I knew it might be tricky, since my typical long-run route is fairly flat. As you can see from those rolling green mountains, this was, shall we say, not. (I will freely admit that the last mile, as you can see, was all downhill and pretty much a cake-walk. Except I was running, not walking, and there was very little cake.)

The blue line is my pace, as you can see from the legend. You can totally see the short, minute-or-so walking breaks I took every mile or so. See those blue spikes? Yeah, that’s them. But look at the rest of that blue line: even going up and down some crazy hills, I maintained a pretty steady, even pace. Not too shabby, right?

I planned the route online, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but then Friday evening my father-in-law drove me around the route and gave me some tips on roads to avoid. There were a couple of roads we skipped over, as my father-in-law assured me they would be fine. Anyone want to guess where I had the problems?

Yep, right about mile 16 or so, I topped a hill to see a road ripped to shreds for resurfacing, and–of course!–no sidewalks. I didn’t know the neighborhood well enough to find my way around it, so I just plowed forward, literally running through people’s yards for almost a mile before I finally got back to civilization. But check my pace: it didn’t suffer at all for having to run through mud and grass.

Wet grass, I should point out. It rained steadily for the last four miles of the run.

Anyway, long story short, I ran 18 long miles in a hilly, unfamiliar setting, and I think I did pretty okay. Sure, it was a little slower than I typically run, but I’m not complaining and I’m certainly not disappointed in myself.

(My specialty, after all, is in disappointing others.)

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