Running for It, Week 18: In which I excrete copious quantities of sweat (among other things)

Here’s the thing: I knew going into this that the heart of my marathon training would be taking place in the middle of the summer.

Here is another thing: summer is hot.

Kansas City was hit with a mini heat wave this past week, with temperatures soaring to around 100 degrees (atypical for late June ’round these parts). And muggy… I’m pretty sure the humidity was around 648 percent (I may be rounding up a little). Long story short, it was a remarkably unpleasant week to be training for a marathon, even though I was running in the early morning when it was still only, like, 85 degrees, which seemed fairly arctic considering how miserable it would get in the late afternoon.

That said, I am generally not regretting switching to that slightly more aggressive training plan. I want to get home after a run and feel like I’ve done something. And oh, I did something, brother. I sweated. A lot. Even on the comparatively short and easy 3-milers that I do a couple of times a week, it was like running through clam chowder outside. On Thursday in particular, I was running my same-ol’, same-ol’ route and thought I would never get to the end of it. Even after I got home and showered and dressed for work and whatnot, I think I kept sweating for approximately a fortnight (again, I may be rounding up). And if June is like this, what can I expect from August?!

And so it was that I was kind of dreading my 11-mile long run (pushed off to Sunday instead of Saturday, since I spent all of Friday getting eaten alive by mosquitoes at our church’s fireworks tent, then got home in the heat of the day and was in no mood to add to my misery). But all in all, it went fine. I planned multiple loops that ran me back by the house several times, where I had cold water and some dried fruit waiting on the front step. It did the trick, and I completed the run without a hitch, despite my legs being kind of sore from a slightly 0ver-intense workout on my cross-training day. And by “kind of sore,” I mean “sore enough that I had a little trouble walking.” And by “a little trouble,” I mean…oh, forget it. You get the picture. But anyway, a few miles of running got my leg muscles all loose and limber-like, so no problem there. But, despite being drenched in my own perspiration, it felt good to be back in the game, doing double-digits again.

Well, it felt good for most of the run. I’ve dealt with this before, but I’ll say it again: I have got to get my gastrointestinal system on a better schedule. Not once, but twice this week I have spent the last mile of a long run with a package in the staging area, ready to be delivered. Aching to be delivered. If there were some way I could alter my delivery schedule so that the package could be dropped off the night before, or even in the morning just prior to a run, it would be so awesome.

(Just so you know, the previous paragraph was about dropping a deuce. You… probably figured that out already?)

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  1. Jessie Says:

    Good for you for hanging in there till the bitter end. I would taken a a break for station identification.

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