Running for It, Week 16: In which OMG YOU GUYS I AM LIKE SO BORED FOR REALZ


I gotta do something different. This is boring.

A week of brief, three-mile runs topped off with a decent but dull seven-mile run on Saturday does not make for an interesting week. I know, I know, it slowly bumps up the mileage over the 18 weeks of the program. It’s a rational, sound approach.

But then, when have the words “rational” and “sound” ever applied to me?

I’m wondering if I chose the wrong training program. I’m using Hal Higdon’s “Novice 1” program, but now I’m thinking that I should bump it up to Novice 2. There’s not a huge difference between the two, but at least Novice 2 ramps up a little more aggressively.

That’s right: I’m complaining that it’s not difficult enough.

So anyway, I’ve missed the first couple of weeks of that ever-so-slightly-more-advanced program, but as long as I jump in now, I think I’m getting in early enough that it’ll be a smooth transition. Probably. I mean, if I had been following this program I would have done eight- or nine-mile long runs instead of six or seven, and I missed a couple of midweek five-milers, but that’s about it.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna switch. I’m going to push myself harder than I really need to. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. Harder is better! I will intentionally make things more difficult, not just in my running life, but in my life in general! I will tell everyone exactly what I think without regard to tact or diplomacy! I will act on every urge, no matter how self-destructive or ill-advised!

There’s absolutely no way this can go wrong!

(If this were a hack sitcom, here would be a jump-cut to a shot of me in a full-body cast in a hospital room. Canned laughter.)

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