Maya not looking forward to high school

I think it’s safe to say that Maya is not a fan of the American secondary education system. To wit: a little book project she pieced together for her first-grade class.

what, no blurbs from the new york times?

Our protagonist happily skips to her first day of high school, blissfully unaware of the horrors that await.

reality is about to wipe that smile off her face

High school is a bitter morass of pink dresses and angry eyebrows.

she cannot lift the backpack because it is full of homework (her art is full of subtlety)

You’re required to solve equations so infernally complicated you need special glasses.

10+1000?! that way lies madness

Of course, it’s not all bad: sometimes you get to leave.

I don’t have the heart to tell her about seating charts

And after all your middle-school chums abandon you…

and then skip school and run around in a field

The optimism is painfully short-lived. Chapter 2 returns us to the bleak land of treasonous compatriots who just can’t keep their precious mouths shut.

a multi-chapter opus

High school hallways are packed with belligerent punks and adolescent schadenfreude.

with hair and teeth like that, you’re pretty much locked into “bully” status

Finally, an authority figure stands up to the madness!

principal picasso is NOT happy

And so our tale ends with the headmistress giving the ruffian a stern talking-to before releasing him back into the wild, where he’ll just beat up more kids. And so the wheel turns, forever and ever and ever.



To be fair, it’s a pretty accurate portrayal… it squares with my high school memories, anyway.

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  1. Anne Miller Says:

    Oh, what a burden for someone so young to have such power of divination! The lunchroom bit was particularly distressing- thanks for that! Perhaps homeschooling is an option for her?

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