Pokemon Cheats & Secrets (for Diamond & Pearl)

This is for all those Pokemon fans out there.

1.  Surf over from Floaroma town to find the “Feogo Ironworks” where you find rare Luxio, a firestone, and flamethrower.

2.  After catching Heatran, go to Canalave city and find “Sailor Edritches House”. Walk in and you will find a boy thrashing about screaming, “Dar……. coming to get me…….. Dar……….”. Walk out and see the sailor to sail to “FullMoon Island” to find Cressailia.

3.In order to catch Regigigas, you must have the National Pokedex and beat the league. First, migrate the 3 regis ( Registeel, Regirock, Regice). Then you go to the Snowpoint temple ( top floor).

4.If you migrate and breed 2 Snolax you get a Munchlax.

5.Migrate a female Glalie and give it a Dawn stone to evolve into Frostglass.

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  1. Austin Says:

    Its actually u need 2 snorlax and one of them have to be holding a full inscnese

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