Lookin’ to win a vacation…

Here is our contest entry for this. It’s a contest whereby you send in a video describing the top 10 reasons you deserve a free Glenwood Springs vacation. Yeah, I know, we just had a vacation there, but we loved it so much we’d love to go back. Especially if it’s free! Can you blame us? Anyway, here’s our video entry…

You can’t vote on it or anything; the choice is completely up to the owners of Glenwood Caverns. Still, keep those fingers crossed! It’s not like we’ll take you with us if we win, but if you send some positive vibes our way we promise not to hate you (as much).

One Response to “Lookin’ to win a vacation…”

  1. Shannon in Seattle Says:

    This is so awesome! If you guys don’t win, they should at least pay you for creating a totally killer Glenwood Springs Travel Bureau commercial!

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