Astonishing Generosity

It had been an enjoyable, if over-long and exhausting weekend. We had driven to Arkansas to attend my 20th class reunion, which of course necessitated many many hours of monotonous highway driving, and after a weekend of dancing and reminiscing and staying up way too late for no good reason, we were ready to get home. And so it was that we dragged ourselves into our house at 11:30 pm Sunday night, to find that something was different.

At first, we couldn’t put our fingers on it. Was it that something smelled weird? Were we just tired and confused? Or was it that a bunch of friends of ours got together and painted our house?

Yeah, the latter. Our great room and hallway, which had been a dull and boring white since we moved into the house but which we never repainted because it was a huge pain in the neck, had been repainted a lovely latte color. They even washed our drapes!

But that’s not the end of it… not by a long shot. Steven ran down from upstairs, yelling something about a “centerpiece” on the wall in our bedroom. We cautiously made our way to the master bedroom, not sure what we would find. And what we found shocked and awed us. Not only did they repaint our master bedroom, but they totally redecorated it as well, with an East Indian theme based on our love for a local Indian restaurant.

Take a look. First, some before pics. I’m almost embarrassed to post these, as they show just how cluttered and old and busted and lame our bedroom was, but you need to see it for the full effect.


all that wall space, and we cram four picture frames right over my dresser

got crap? shove it onto this bookshelf

And check it now…


my precious action figures! GONE!

shannon’s books are gone but that’s okay because she can’t read

now where will we put our random bottles of lotion and other crap we never use?

And the coolest part…

this is where the magic happens

They even put some magical foam pad on the bed that makes it just about the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. And now that our bed is all fancy and comfortable, Elly the Dog is no longer welcome there. Sorry, dog. I don’t care where you sleep, but it ain’t gonna be up in here.

If there’s anything I’m unhappy about, it’s that the stuff they worked on looks so good that the rest of the house looks like a pile of crap in comparison. But that’s just me.

If you’d like, you can see more pictures of the process: before, during, and after.

I don’t know what we did to deserve this incredible gift. Let’s be honest, it was probably more for my wife than for me, because who the heck who do that for me? Still, I cannot thank you guys enough. Mega-multitudinous thanks to Bev and Jessie and Tom and Rob and Corrie and Abby and Mica and Jimmy and everyone else who took part in this real-life “While You Were Out” project.

One other thing: I may be out of town in October for a few days, and the kitchen needs a new floor…

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