Fine you big baby I’ll write a post!

Yeah yeah I know. You all have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear from me.

So move over Priceman, Momma’s here to share the juicy gossip you’ve all been dying to hear!

Okay so I’m not really going to dish except about my own life!

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I went to Dallas.  Overall I had a great time hanging out with my family except when my mommy got really sick and had to go to the ER:(   Other than that, we hung out at Uncle Mike’s hotel where we stayed. Awesome hotel. Simply beautiful with shopping right outside the front door and a great restaurant in the lobby which included an outdoor deck that was so awesome! We ate a lot, swam, shopped and much more. Here’s some more pics…


Aunt Lisa, Martha, Mom & Me after a hard day of shopping!


Aunt Lisa’s pool where much relaxing, reading and fun was had by all!


Uncle Den, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Steve strike a pose!


The Hilton where we stayed. Yay Uncle Mike. You da man!

 It was a great trip and I am grateful to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike for their great hospitality and of course to St. Price who was absolutely awesome to offer watching the kidlets so I could get away for the weekend.

 Then of course there was Gladfest weekend which Price told you all about including the photo of me eating a deep fried twinkie which I had to confess to my Sugar Free Friends Support Group. But as I said to them, how do you say no to a deep fried twinkie when you have loved said twinkie for 20 plus years. Yes when I was 16, on a dare,  I ate 16 twinkies and yes I still love them. How can you not!

 Then last weekend was the trip to St. Louis for the 65th anniversary of my grandparents. It was an awesome day but boy was I tired. I had been up far too many nights way late working on the slide show, programs, readings, etc. But it was a very good day! Of course we had to get back in town for me to work on Sunday and Price was in our drama for that Sunday service and since he failed to mention that you can watch that drama on YouTube, I’m posting that link. It was a powerful drama and affected so many people. He and the rest of the drama team did a fantastic job.

Here’s that link.  It’s the message and drama from our website but if you want to see just the drama scroll down til you see that friendly little YouTube box and hit play:)

 So in just over a week, our church will host the Boo Bash and its my baby so I’m busy working on the final details, to do lists, problem solving and more.

 I’ll update more and send photos following the exciting the event. Until then…eat more twinkies, drink more Starbucks and enjoy the day!

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