The last Weekend Roundup you will ever see ever… probably

Is it Sunday evening already? Seriously? And I gotta waste it typing up hundreds of words about how I folded towels and went to the hardware store? I don’t think I want to do that, and I don’t think you want to read about it. Do you? Lord knows I wouldn’t. It’s my life, and I can tell you right now, it ain’t that interesting. (Though next weekend should be an exception… stay tuned.)

So yeah… I’m probably done with these Weekend Roundups for a while. I’d like to start doing more during the regular week. You know, a few shorter posts and photos and such rather than some enormous tome banged out reluctantly on a Sunday afternoon. We’ll see, I guess, if I can actually stick to that. Seems like more work for me, frankly, but I need a break from these Weekend Roundups. They’re killing me, can’t you see that?! Every word I type sucks a little bit more life out of me. Well, not really, but anyway I’m sick of ‘em. But as I said, don’t worry: I’ll still be doing something, and probably more often than I am now. So keep coming back.

Until the next time I feel like writing on this thing, here’s a nice little video I put together about… okay, it’s about our weekend. So I guess I’m kind of undercutting everything I just said. Nonetheless, enjoy: A Day on Lake Waukomis, looking back on a fun, relaxing day at the lake home of our friends Don and Jansen.

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