A bunch of pictures from the weekend… as good a Weekend Roundup as you can hope to get

Long, exhausting weekend… so I’m just going to throw up some pics and hope for the best.

We went camping at Smithville Lake.

too tired for alt text

This is where we slept while there.

like savages

Here’s our friends Rob and Corrie, who were there at the same time. Coincidence?

I’m glad someone’s happy, this is because I was not

Here’s Steven with their kids Justice and Gracious.

remember when Steven was this cute… so long ago

We were finally able to get the kids to sleep… sleep which, for me, never came.

not pictured: me, not sleeping

The next morning, I cooked breakfast in the rain (thanks, Jon, for sheltering the precious bacon)…

nothing worse than sodden pork

… while all the kiddies romped about in The Party Tent, aka our place…

better here than in my house

… and Maya made a new friend.

that dog should be riding in a psychedelic van and solving mysteries

We eventually packed up and left, much to my allergies’ relief. By Sunday night, I was feeling better, and we were visited by a couple of old friends of mine from my college days. Steve, shown here with his wife Sara:

finally a happy couple in our home

And here with me…showing either how much he has grown or how much I have shrunk.

hairlines have shrunk in both cases

Our mutual friend Sande was also in town that day, shown here smiling despite being forced to be in my presence again after years of freedom.

time has only been kind to one of us

And finally… the three of us, who hung out together back in the day (along with Kathy, who could not join us, probably because she hates me–not that I blame her… who doesn’t hate me?) are together again.

and only one of us has matured

Just like college, except with more baldness and less maturity.

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