You, too, can view the Zoo Crew

Alas, Maya’s days of preschool are ending, and as the school prepares to send the kiddies off to kindergarten, they decided to go out with a bang by letting the kids get close to dangerous wild animals. That’s right… a trip to the zoo. Dozens of five-year-olds running amok, their parents chasing deperately after them, the atmosphere redolent with the pungent odors of musk and feces. Let’s take a little photographic trip through the day, shall we?

before the madness

yay! our parents are spending money on us!

not pictured: jack, kate, hurley, and sawyer

an okapi, I think? maybe? they start to run together after a while

the murder in his eyes is palpable

stop staring! I’m 300 years old and I’m not in the mood

this was just before the big musical number with the warthog

where’s that meerkat again? god, I am so hungry

a study in contrasts

a hippo real

a hippo not so real

young man, have my daughter home at a reasonable hour on that rhino of yours

mom! cut it out! the humans are totally watching!

no, I don’t want to ride this one!

okay, that’s better

those popsicles cost 17 dollars apiece

the human has brought us food! ATTTTAAAAACCCCKKKK!

a sea lion real

a sea lion not-so-real but more expensive and useless

2 Responses to “You, too, can view the Zoo Crew”

  1. Shannon C. Says:

    Picture #45998 of Maya sticking her tongue out while eating something. :)

  2. nic Says:

    i think i’ve got the most beautiful little girl for a cousin. good job!

    what’s up - or should i say down - with the plane tail?

    and i love how the gorilla is giving you a “whuchoo lookin at” glare.

    and how did you manage such an awesomely close pic of the lion?

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