Freeze frame! A Weekend Roundup in lame pictures

I don’t have much to say about this weekend. That’s not to say it didn’t have its high points, of course. Shannon and I had a fabulous date night on Friday as our friends the Crows watched the kiddies. We had a great dinner on Saturday night with friends. I… cut the grass? Okay, it wasn’t all great. But that didn’t stop us from taking pictures of stuff! And so, I am taking the lame way out this week. That’s right… photos! Of stuff! That is, a few snapshots of The Weekend That Was. Except for Friday night, because we didn’t have the camera. Oh, and Sunday, because we didn’t care.

Maya lost another tooth. Considering she has roots in Arkansas, it’s amazing she has this many left.

maya, post-barfight

While mowing on Saturday afternoon, I inadvertently uncovered the nest of some fairly-newborn bunnies. Is… is that rabbit mooning me?

is saddam hussein hiding down there? no, he’s long since dead 

Naturally, this aroused the ire of the house’s natural predator, Elly the Pug. She wanted nothing more than to rip those tiny rabbit babies to shreds, so I had to figure out some way to protect them from the bloodthirsty maniac. No way Elly’s getting in there! And they can probably get out if they’re kind of smart about it! We hope!

white trash invention at its best

Maya swears she didn’t put her hand on the ink pad. She only put a triangle piece of paper on it, she swears!

really? i never would have guessed

A Tex Mex fiesta at El Maguey! A passel of amigos joined us at the eatery for food, fun, conversation, and… well, I guess that was it.

the dos equis bottle did nothing as Maya abused me

Steven feasts on chips-n-salsa with Garrick (sp?) and Zach (sp?).

boys! the camera will not steal your souls, I swear!

The Nowotnys grin as storm clouds loom.

that pacifico was mine, baby, and it was GOOD

Tammy and Amy (mother of Zach [sp?] and Garrick [sp?]) strike a pose.

smile all you want, ladies… everyone knows you’ll be farting up a storm tomorrow

And finally… Maya was very excited about a book fair that they’re having at her school next week. So excited, in fact, that she decided to put flyers up around the house. She left out the “F” because “F” is for “Failure”!

f is for filthy walls

f is for frightening face you see in the mirror–mine

f is for fattening food in the pantry

f is for…. ah, who cares

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