The Weekend Roundup loves it when a plan comes together

Fifteen years I’ve been after this woman. “Just try it once,” I’d say. “It’s not so bad. Lots of people love it. Swear by it, even.”

Shannon: “No go. It just seems weird and gross and wrong.”

But I begged. I pleaded. I wheedled and cajoled and used other synonyms for “ask annoyingly.” But she wouldn’t budge. “That’s for other people, not me,” she’d insist, and so we’d go with something more, shall we say, traditional.

But then, after I spent most of Friday night helping a friend move in the midst of sleet and freezing rain, she decided to give in. “We’ll try it,” she offered, tentatively, “just this once. If I don’t like it, you can’t ask again.”

And so it was that I, filled with joy and anticipation, took my wife to the Waffle House.

That’s right: before Saturday morning, Shannon had never been to the Waffle House. Ever. She’s 37 years old, had grown up around the Midwest where they’re basically ubiquitous, and she’d never even set foot in the place. Call it fear of the unknown, call it classist bias, call it whatever you like, but she’d never been there, despite my constant protestations of “No, it’s really good. Seriously! I know the facade and the color scheme are straight out of the early 70s, but you have to try it!”

In the end, it wasn’t my reasoned arguments or my insistent whinging that got her to turn the corner. No, it was the fact that Maya went there with a friend and wouldn’t shut up about how much she loved it.

“Well,” says the woman who apparently has not heard a word I’ve said for the better part of two decades, “If Maya loves it so much, maybe we should give it a whirl.”

I’ve got a history with Waffle House. It was a favored hangout in high school, and then, during my college years, their all-you-can-eat waffles and hamburgers and omelet menu was a cheap way to fill my poor belly and add inches to my waistline. But because Shannon had no desire to pass within 500 feet of a Waffle House, I hadn’t eaten at one since early in our marriage (I only got to go then because she was out of town at the time).

And so, when we walked into the Waffle House in Liberty and were assailed with the sounds of shouting waitresses and short-order cooks banging spatulas on a hot grill–not to mention the smells of eggs and bacon and sausage and yes, waffles–it was like coming home. Maya was beside herself with excitement. Shannon was just amazed that it was clean. She had just naturally assumed from the outdated and nondescript exterior that it would be a filthy greasy spoon full of chain-smoking truck drivers with their butt cracks showing over the top of their Wranglers. Nope. It was full of families and couples and regular joes enjoying their breakfasts. There may have been a butt crack or two showing, but I did not notice.

Long story short, Shannon loved it. She raved all day about how perfect the waffle was, how it was prepared just like she likes it, and she went on and on about how the coffee was better than that served just about anywhere. She couldn’t believe I hadn’t brought here there before.


And so, my wife is now a convert to the cult of Waffle House. I know, it’s just a diner, just one of a chain of diners, to boot. There’s one at just about every exit ramp from Atlanta to Des Moines. It’s a joint that serves decent, cheap diner food. So what’s the big deal? Why am I so excited about it?

Because–at least when it comes to Waffle House–Shannon was wrong, and I was right, and now everybody knows it.

How sweet it is.

(For the record, other stuff happened over the weekend, but none of it was all that interesting. To wit:

  • It snowed.
  • It melted.
  • I got some new shirts. )

4 Responses to “The Weekend Roundup loves it when a plan comes together”

  1. Jessie Says:

    You forgot to add how Eli out ate you at dinner and also out pooped you (I’m guessing at least, you didn’t really say)…but then, maybe that hadn’t occurred at the time of writing. Thanks for watching the kids, we had a great night. Looking forward to returning the favor!

  2. Shannon Says:

    I spent the night after my graduation from high school at a Waffle House with my friends, drinking coffee and eating God only knows what until dawn! Good times.

  3. Owen Says:

    Just be aware that there are good waffle houses and horribly evil waffle houses (consistency is not the chain’s strong suite). A good waffle house can be a most pleasant experience but a bad waffle house — oh kids watch out!

  4. lacey Says:

    Cool story, I’ve also never been to a Waffle House. I’m from Iowa and pretty sure the closest one is in St. Joe. I moved from Des Moines a little under two years ago and we didn’t have one.

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