Shannon’s Version of the Weekend Roundup

That’s right. I’m back to write this weekend’s roundup. Yeah, I know the Priceman is much more humorous and fun and witty but the man is busy setting up our new desktop computer. Thank you Uncle Sam. Wait, why am I thanking him? It’s my money, my overpaid taxes come back to me.

So here’s a lame but up-to-date weekend round up…

Took Maya to her school’s auction preview, where she played with friends, jumped on the bounce house many many times, ate a giant purple pixie stick and sang with her class.

After the quick visit at Maya’s school, I picked up Steven and we headed to our friends, the Crows, who were going to watch the kids for the evening. The kids ate dinner at the Crows and were able to attend a birthday party too. While the kiddies played, I surprised Price for our date night. I had made reservations at Em Chamas Brazilian Grill. This is a locally owned brazilian grill that Price has wanted to try for over a year and a half. He was quite surprised (again thanks Uncle Sam for helping make this night so special) and I was glad to make up for his lame birthday in which I was very ill with the flu.

After getting the kids and putting them to bed, we watched Battlestar Galatica. Good show! Only a few hours left, booooo.

We woke up to a nice snow, only nice if you don’t have to go out in it. We had breakfast together and then started on our chores. I paid the bills and made a meal for a family in our church who suffered a loss this week. I then took the meal to the family and ran to the bank. In the meantime, Price shoveled the driveway while the kiddies played in the snow.

After the errands, I grabbed Price and the kids and we went to pick up new glasses for Steven and I. Wow, I forgot how much a new prescription hurts your eyes. Back at home it was resting time until I had to head to work. I drove off to work and Price and the kids went off to Party America to look for supplies for a project at Price’s work. We all met back home to eat dinner with Uncle Tom. After dinner, Tom and Price ran to WallyWorld to get our computer and then we all decided we were too tired to watch TV, so we went to bed. We are old and boring!

For me…besides church, I made the trip to Wal-Mart, Aldi’s, Sam’s and HyVee. So today was pretty much a housework and errand day, until this evening when we put a log in the fire and relaxed with homemade pizza and some episodes of Little People, Big World.

Well there ya have it. Lame Lame Lame Weekend Roundup. Don’t worry Price will be back next weekend to make our lives sound a LOT more interesting.

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