Thanksgiving Weekend Roundup

I, Shannon, will be taking over the weekend roundup this weekend to share with you my top ten things I’m thankful for from our long weekend. The kiddos have been out of school since Wednesday so we’ve had a five-day weekend. Without further ado, here’s my top ten list! I’m thankful…

10) …that we got to enjoy the company of 9 guests who joined us for a Thanksgiving feast on Thanksgiving Day. We enjoyed eating, laughing and hanging out with “Uncle” Tom; Doug and Lynda; Laurie and the Carlson Clan: Gordon, AmyLou, Lennon, McCartney and Sadie Lou Starr (can you guess where those kids’ names came from?)

9) …for getting to take some naps, I mean who doesn’t love afternoon naps? My kids, that’s who.

8) … that we got our Christmas decorations put up three weekends ago which was way early but was still better than having to put them up today!

7) … that I survived giving the message three times at church. Whew, I’m whipped and I’m really thankful I don’t have to do that every stinkin’ weekend. I really admire Rick for his stamina.

6) … that my friend Joy joined me for some Black Friday shopping at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us (where we couldn’t bear to wait in that nasty long line). It was a great time and I was thankful to have a friend to keep me from going insane when I see all the great deals that I really don’t need!

5) …for Joy’s husband, Jimmy and their kiddos Jake, Sophie, Samie, and Zoe who joined up with my family for breakfast after our Black Friday shopping. I’m especially thankful for Jake’s prayer before breakfast which had us all cracking up. Jake prayed that “he loved Steven (my son); his mom and sister and that he loved when the stars come out at night.” I really, really love little kid prayers (Jake is just 5).

4) … for a very memorable and sweet evening with my family on Friday. We got dolled up and went to see Santa at Crown Center (a Horn family tradition) and watch the lighting of the Mayor’s Christmas Tree at Crown Center (something we’ve never done before). It was magical…don’t believe me-watch this awesome video the Priceman put together capturing the evening. We finished up the evening with a nice dinner in the Power and Light district. It was a magical evening.

3)…for my kiddos. Each unique and wonderful in their own way. I’m so grateful for them and time to share with them. I’m thankful they are healthy and strong and growing. I love watching them grow up!

2) …for my sweet and amazing husband. Priceman is truly a gift to me. He is always so loving and patient. He’s a great daddy, a supportive husband, a great friend and an all around loveable and godly man. I’m so very grateful that my life has been blessed with him in it for the past 15 years.

1)…for God who loves me and who has showered me with more blessings than I deserve. A great church, wonderful friends, a warm house, good food, a great chef;), a cute pug, a job I love, our parents, our families, the joy of living in the US, Steven, Maya and Price and so much more.

For all this and more, my heart is warmed at the end of this Thanksgiving weekend!

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