The Weekend Roundup Where Price is LOST!

Tonight I looked around and couldn’t find the Priceman. Just some dude who vaguely looked like him.

Hairless Priceman with glasses

 Hairless Priceman with no glasses 

Waaaaaah, why why why why did you have to go and shave your face. I already miss the goat.

 Well I guess I better get used to it, eh?

So I told the Priceman I would take this weekend’s weekend roundup but that was before he shaved his face so maybe as punishment I should make him write it. Okay seriously I just think he is much funnier than I am.

Here’s our weekend round up in Reverse.

Sunday evening…the kids went to bed way too late because we were out at Target and Kohls looking for new shoes and PJs since both kiddos had hit a growth spurt and had outgrown their stuff. So now they are tucked in bed with their new PJs and in the morning they will wear their new shoes to school. Before heading to the store, which wasn’t as bad as it could have been, we had binner. This is the kids’ favorite dinner meal, when we eat breakfast at dinner time. Daddy whipped up tasty eggs, bacon and toast. Yum!

Before dinner, Priceman ran to the grocery store and that evil store that starts with a W that sucks all my money out of my bank accounts! Maya and I stayed home and chilled while Steven was playing at his friend David’s house. I worked until 3:30 while Price and the kids left church around 11 to head home for lunch, laundry and laying around (naps that is).  Steven had spent the night with his friend Lucas and Lucas’ mom dropped Steven off at church. I woke up way too early after having gone to bed way too late.

Saturday…Price, Tom and I stayed up and watched the Bucket List getting to bed around Midnight. The movie was very good though. So good that even Tom stayed awake for the whole show which is pretty much a miracle! While Priceman cleaned up Maya, I shared with Tom the new looks we were considering for our family…

Steven circa 1990

Price circa 1988 

Shannon circa 1996 

Maya circa 1994 

 Tom circa 1974

Before watching our movie Maya enjoyed having the full attention of the house. She ran around, danced and played while her brother Steven was at his friend Lucas (remember). I got home around 8ish and we ate dinner. A tasty feast that Price had made called Crockpot Chicken…crazy name-tasty dish. While I was gone to work, Price and Maya had to make a trip over to Lucas’ house to drop off Steven’s DS charger which he had forgotten. Steven and I had left for church around 3:30ish making a trip to Kinkos on the way for some color copies. He hung out with me at the church until Lucas and his mom got there. Before leaving for work we had enjoyed a late lunch of PBJ after having gone swimming at the community center…good times good times. And before that, we had spent the morning cleaning the house and bathing the smelly doggie.

 Friday…”We”, mainly Price while Tom and I napped, watched the pilot of a new show called Fringe from JJ Abrams. Ask Price how it was since I slept through most of it. Before watching TV, the kiddos had gotten cleaned up and ready for bed after spending the evening out at a family event hosted by the children’s and student ministries of our church. It was a lot of fun despite the rain out. Over 100 people drove through the tornado sirens to come out and enjoy games, food and fun. It was a great time. Here are some pics:

Maya ready to tug and win the war!

 WAKE UP STEVEN or we’re gonna lose!

Always full of excitement…the boys

Who doesn’t love a game of chubby bunny?

Before leaving for the family event, we debated whether or not to leave and drive considering the sirens were blaring for a tornado warning. We took a chance and it turned out just fine!

And thus concludes my lame weekend roundup in reverse but at least I gave you some photos, eh?

Forget about it…I’m going to bed!

4 Responses to “The Weekend Roundup Where Price is LOST!”

  1. HeyJules Says:

    Okay, the photos of you guys are funny but the one of Tom with the hair? I seriously canNOT stop laughing!!!

  2. Jessie Says:

    Tom, I definitely think you should NOT get your haircut…I mean, grow your hair to look like that. Oh man, I almost woke up the kids I laughed so hard. Love it!

  3. Paul Says:

    Whoa! Has Dana Carvey been masquerading as the Priceman? I don’t think Price has ever been face shorn—and there he is, no facial hair to hide behind. Now we can see him as he is—his face is butt naked (if I can use that term to refer to his face). Enjoy the “smooth-as-a-baby’s behind” look, Shannon!

  4. Corrie Says:

    A few things:

    First, when your husband is bald oh wait I mean has a shaved head, loosing facial hair is just traumatic, so I feel your pain!

    Second, those “year book” pictures are awesome.

    Third, I’m putting your blog address on my blog because I just started one, and because you guys are too funny.

    Lastly, WHAT???? TORNADO SIRENS??? I’ve made a huge mistake…

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