Happy Birthday to ME!

That’s right…Happy Birthday to ME. I am officially more than half way to 40 but I’m still not as close as Price;)  Kind of scary because I remember thinking that 40 was soo old and now well it seems so young!

This morning Price greeted me with a Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce latte from Starbucks, YUM. Then he made me a tasty breakfast burrito. I call  him St. Price. For lunch some friends took me to one of my local faves, Tomfooleries. YUM!

Then tonight the Pman made me tasty roast with potatoes and carrots and I broke the sugar fast for a piece of birthday cake. Extra YUM!

So I now weigh 10 pounds more than I did this morning.

It’s been a good day and I have  the promise of more birthday fun when I spend this coming weekend with my mom and some of our extended family in Dallas and then Priceman is going to get us tickets for Wicked when it comes to town. Yiippee!

So what have I learned in 36 years?

Not much.

Okay seriously, I am still learning not to take myself so seriously; that most people are fickle and pleasing them will dang near kill you; to be grateful is a major key to contentment; and that God loves me just as I am but always desires me to be so very much more.

So here’s to another year of becoming all that God desires for me to be. And a big thank you to my family and friends who get to be a part of that process. Thanks for loving me.

5 Responses to “Happy Birthday to ME!”

  1. HeyJules Says:

    Yes, happy birthday to YOU! Welcome to the middle of your 30’s. And no, 40 is not old. Neither is 50 which is looming on MY horizon. It’s all good when you got God!

  2. Shannon Says:

    Happy, well, belated birthday, at this point!

  3. anne Says:

    Whoa. That’ll teach me to get behind on my Horn Family Reading! Happy belated birthday, Shannon! I love the list of things you’ve learned. I agree 100%.

  4. Jessie Says:

    When is Wicked…can we invite ourselves to go with you. My brother loved it so much he bought the soundtrack! Imagine that.

  5. Jessie Says:

    Um yeah, happy birthday…that’s placenta brain for you, only thinking about the last thing you wrote about.

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