Weekend Round up Girlie Style

So Priceman told you all about the boys awesome weekend but what about us girls? Did you ever think about us? Huh, Price didya? Would it have killed you to write my weekend round up as well? Come on, you are much funnier than I am.

 Here’s my lame attempt at a weekend round up. After work Friday, I came home to secretly pack the suitcase for Steven and Price. Steven had no idea until 5:45 pm (just minutes before leaving) that he was going to Springfield. Who doesn’t love a surprise road trip, eh?

 So the boys left and Maya and I awaited the arrival of our guest, the ever talented Laurie the Treasure Sale Queen. Laurie is a friend and also a volunteer on my Event Planning Team. She graciously, and somewhat naively, agreed to be the leader of our church’s annual Treasure Sale. She knew I would be out from surgery in the pre-work stage. So she has been coordinating all the efforts with our team and the many many donations coming in. Anyway, she was coming over so I could treat her to dinner out at a place of her choosing. We went to Smokehouse BBQ. YUMMY! We ate corn nuggets, burnt ends and delicious beans. Sweet! We were stuffed when we left.

We headed back to Casa de Horn to continue our meeting looking over the details of the Treasure Sale (which is this week). Maya came home to chill and watch some Noggin while we met. Around 10:30 pm, Laurie left and Maya and I got ready for bed. Once she was asleep, I spent a good 45 minutes trying to convince my grossly overweight pug, Elly, to jump up on the bed. She wouldn’t do it. Very frustrating! Finally I got her up there. After all that, I was still kind of wired from the little tantrum and from all the Iced Tea at the restaurant and decided to watch The Producers (the old one with Gene Wilder). I fell asleep half way through the movie.

 In the morning, Maya and I enjoyed a breakfast of cinnamon rolls. So tasty. Shortly thereafter, our friend Hey Jules stopped by. I had asked her to come over and take some shots of my princesses with her awesome amazing camera (notice how last night Elly was a grossly overweight pug and today she is my princess;). She did and here is some of work.

Elly Licks

Elly side view

 See some great ones of Maya over at Jules place. Are those not amazing? Jules is the awesome.

 So after Jules left, I continued on a project I had started earlier which was to declutter and clean out Steven’s room (for donations to the Treasure Sale). Then us girls ate lunch and napped briefly. It was then time for me to get ready for work and get the babysitter. Our good friend, Miss Emma, came to hang with Maya. While I was at work, they made homemade pizza and had a PJ party. I got home, ate the left over pizza and Maya and I settled down for a girls movie night. We got into mommy’s bed and started to watch Jane Eyre. Never having seen the movie or read the book (I know I know FOR SHAME!), I thought it would be along the lines of Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice so it would be ok for Maya to watch with me. She likes the dancing and horses and such. Yikes, that movie was a little darker than I expected. Fine for me, but a bit much for the wee princess. So it was back to tickling and pretty to hide under the covers where I can’t see her.

 Finally our boys arrived home and there was much rejoicing and we all crashed around 11 pm (11:30 for us parent types). Sunday, it was back to work for me. I was hosting our services and then the work began. Setting up and sorting hundreds of boxes and bags of donations of clothing, toys, books, knick knacks and more. Wow, that stuff really piles up! But it’s all for a good cause, 100% of the profits go to agencies that serve those in need.

 I got home around 5:45 pm and we ate dinner. After the kids went to nighty night, Daddy and I watched a little Battlestar Galactica (Man why did you get me hooked on this show?). Then as Priceman finished up his version of the weekend roundup, I watched the latest in the battle for Top Chef Chicago. Poor Jen:( My bets are on Richard, Dale and Stephanie as the final 3. We shall see. Top Chef please come to KC and fix me something tasty!

 Well after a weekend of craziness, Daddy and I are super tired. So off to night night for the entire Horn Clan.

Good night John Boy.

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  1. anne Says:

    Yay for Shannon’s Weekend Roundup! I demand more!


  2. Jessie Says:

    I think Price will agree when I say - FINALLY! Seriously, good work and thanks for the girly weekend round up.

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