The Long Awaited Conclusion

For ye few but faithful readers, I apologize profusely for keeping you waiting on the conclusion to Maya’s Birth Story.

Now just two weeks later, here is the exciting conclusion.

So for those of you who don’t know the story. Here’s a recap of the reason there is a big age difference between our kiddos. When the boy was about 2 1/2 years old, all the other females in our family were pregnant and I was ready to have another. It was at this point that Price made his opinion known that he was thinking we should just stick with one kiddo. Well it would be nice to say that I was okay and understanding about his opinion but NO WAY. I was mad and angry and let him know it and thus begun a three-year struggle in our marriage. Some days were better than others and some were downright nightmares.

We agreed that it would require God’s intervention to get us beyond this point. In November of 2002, Steven’s best friend from preschool died unexpectedly just a few days after being diagnosed with leukemia. It was at this point, I was hugely convicted that I had been taking for granted that I had one beautiful and healthy child and that I was missing out on time with him because I was always looking for ways to convince Price to have another one. And so I was content. One was enough and I was very happy to have him. I thought God had answered my prayers. He had taken away the ache to have another child and so we were on the same page…one child it was.

Until a few months later just a few days before leaving on a business trip to Seattle, Price informed me that he felt like God was saying the time had come for us to expand our family. I was totally taken back and after a short period of disbelief was excited that God had totally surprised me! We were on the same page but this time our family would expand.

So in early April, we found out that we were expecting. In May, we heard the baby’s heartbeat along with Steven who was so thrilled. He had been praying for a sibling and he was excited that God had answered his prayer. He immediately called both Nanas and Papas to inform them of the great news.

The pregnancy was great. Truth be told, I love being pregnant. It’s a very cool experience for me. My nausea isn’t too bad (unlike some of my friends). It’s neat to feel the baby moving. And of course, everyone enourages you to eat a lot…after all you are eating for two;)

Anyway, towards the end of the pregnancy I was ready to have Miss Maya out and with us. The doctor decided to induce me and so bright and early on December 11th I was admitted to the hospital and the induction began. The pain got a little intense and then came my hero, the epi man. With the epidural in place, I was ready to bring little bit in to the world. Though maybe she wasn’t quite ready??

Maya is born

The labor was pretty easy, considering the difficulties I had with Steven. After just 7 hours, Maya was born (Steven took 19 1/2 hours).

And we were very happy to have both sets of grandparents visit within the first few days of Miss Maya’s arrival. My folks were here to help with Steven while I was in the hospital and then Price’s folks showed up (totally surprising us) on the day we brought her home. We were shocked to see them as it was snowing pretty heavily that day in KC and the Horns had braved the near 8 hour drive up to see Maya and most of the way in the snow.

Steven & Maya

Big Brother Steven with Princess Maya. He was so proud to be a big brother!

The Horns with Miss Maya

Papa & Nana Horn with their KC grandkids.

The Telfords with Miss Maya

Papa & Nana Telford with their KC grandkids.

And thus is the story of Princess Maya and her exciting trek into our lives. We are very blessed and honored to have the gift of two great kids each with their own unique personalities and talents. They make our lives very rich and very very exciting!

And now for my Christmas nap!

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  1. HeyJules Says:

    Yea! I love the story! Now tell us how you got Elly!!!

  2. Shannon Says:

    I feel a connection with a very small part of that story, since Barrett was the first outside your family to know about Maya!

  3. KC Shan Says:

    Actually Shan…you have two links to the story. Barrett being among the first to know and Price’s trip to Seattle included visiting with you all.

    And hey Jules…I’ll get on that Elly story soon!

  4. anne Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Shannon. Awesome story.

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