The Very Ugly Turtle

Once upon a weird lake, there was a very ugly turtle. He thought when he grew up he would be a big handsome tortoise. But he grew up to be a very ugly tortoise. Then 7 monthes later, he met a beaver.  ” Your shell stinks like a mechanical doornob!” said the beaver. The tortoise’s feelings were hurt, so he transformed into a monster close to the cheeseyness of godzilla. Then he died of heart burn.  Some say his ghost still haunts the lake. Others say he went heaven and got rejected for his uglyness and got sent back to earth and then haunted the lake. Me, I say its just a myth. But, you never know. If you smell like a mechanical doornob, anything is possible.

I wrote that story for the funnyness. Thank you and goodnight!

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  1. Jessie Says:

    Sometimes Jon smells like a mechanical doorknob, it’s usually after he eats stinky French cheese.

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