Yet another lame video Weekend Roundup

And if you thought previous Weekend Roundup videos were lame… well brother, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Hey Maya, what do you think of the holiday season so far?

hey dad, here’s what I think of your so-called holiday season

“BOO” to the Weekend Roundup pt.2


 Saturday was more productive than Friday.  In the morning, we (including Nana and Papa) went to Roxanne’s Diner.  We ate like pigs.  After that, we went home.  We did alot after that. Me, Nana, Mom, Maya and I went to Penguin Park and had fun times.  Oh yeah!  Dad wanted to see how far he could get on my scooter without pushing.  Once he got to the grate he flipped over!  After that and many other shenanigans, we went to Corner Cafe and stuffed ourselves.  Then, we all went home and watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Stay tuned for pt.3!

“BOO” to the Weekend Roundup pt.1


It’s the day of Halloween.  Kids dressed like Hannah Montana and Scream ring doorbells, hit the mother load on candy, and get sprayed by insane teens with shaving cream.  On the day of, I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and played Kirby’s Adventure until David (my best friend) got here and we left for the bus stop.  There, we discussed our curent Bakugan status.  When we got to school, it was nearly time to leave for the field trip to Watkin’s Wool Mill.  Mom was coming to chaperone.  We soon left to the Mill.  It was like a 45 minute drive, so me and David talked.  A lot.  When we got there, it took Mom a few minutes to get there.  After a lot of gazin’, learnin’, and hamstring pullin’, it was over and was time for lunch.  We had to eat lunch on the bus because we were running tight on schedule.  Here’s a weird chicken: 


After our little trip, we had our Fall party.  I didn’t converse a lot, though, because I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid most of the party.  When I got home from school, my Nana and Papa (Mom’s parents) came.  We ate dinner then it was a treatin’ time.  David dressed up as Scream, and I dressed like a pirate.  After many trick or treat adventures, the day was done and we got some 50 cent corn dogs and ice cream.

Stay tuned for part 2!


I have uploaded these games from Primary Games for you to play.

Snowline Braving The Elements

  Red Beard

Bonus Comicon photo I forgot to use the other day

I AM (standing next to) IRON MAN!

great now I am going to have that black sabbath song in my head all day

Honest Abe’s Untimely End

The Boy’s class is studying Abraham Lincoln. Fascinated by the grisly end of the story, Steven produced this fine comic chronicling The Great Emancipator’s final moments on this earth.

booth has such angry eyes

I’m pretty sure that panel 2 is a spot-on representation of the look on Lincoln’s face as the assassin’s bullet did its worst.


The Biolizard 2 and the Mechacaduca

This is the Biolizard 2.  It is the third ultimate life form, after the orginal Biolizard (sonic the hedgehog:project shadow) and Shadow the Hedgehog (sonic the hedgehog:project shadow).  The solar powered pole on its back transports solar energy through the life support system, into the pipes, and is then stored in the sun cannon on its forehead.

some kind of lizard thing probably?

 This is the Mechacaduca.  The switch on top of it can be swiched to different modes witch adjust speed and defense.

no clue

Steven’s Space Project

Finally, after two weeks of work, it’s done! A K’Nex model of the International Space Station, motorized and everything!

sturdier than the real one

And a video demonstration…

A Cooking Inspiration

Guess what?  I’ve decided to start cooking with Dad! I want to be a great chef like him.  Then I can cook  BBQ,  cook Chinese, and cook electrifying deserts.  I’ll be admired!  Maybe I will teach my kids the same tricks he’s teaching me. 


This cooking skill will benefit me greatly.  Me and Dad have decided we would like to use a cubesteak recipe we saw on Good Eats to use later this week.  So until next time, happy cooking!

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