Happy Anniversary!

oh to be so young and hairy again

August 6, 1994.

Vacation Roundup 2008

While Mr. Horn will WOW you with his photo and video footage of our vacation, I’ll give you the not-so-condensed version of our vacation. So grab your favorite beverage, a cozy chair and prepare for a lot of info about our last week at Table Rock Lake.

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You Don’t Need No Stinking Weekend Round Up!

Who do you think I am? Price.

Huh, huh. Well do ya?

Like I got time to update you people on our weekend. I’m busy. I’ve got kids to chase and chick flicks to watch and cookie dough to consume.

 Okay, I know I’m not as good with the funny as Mr. Horn.

 Priceman has left on a jet plane. He is in the great city of Philadelphia. He is trying to re-enact the scavenger hunt from the legendary movie National Treasure. Okay not really. He is out there attending a technical writing conference (STC). He is also presenting at the conference. Sounds like he and his co-workers are having fun eating philly cheesesteak sandwiches and learning good stuff.

 As for the weekend, it began with Price and I both taking the day off work. Both of the kids were out of school so we skipped out too! Price whipped up a feast for breakfasts complete with eggs, bacon and yummy pancakes. Price got to work out and I ran some exciting errands to the bank and the Missouri Department of Revenue to get our plates renewed where I waited for 45 minutes to do so. Why did I wait until the end of the month? Why? Well at least I got to enjoy a nice Vanilla Latte while I waited.

After the errands, we surprised the kids with a trip to the pool. They had a great time in the ICE COLD water! Price and I took a lot longer to gain the courage to jump in. I was the last and finally I decided to just head down the water slide and get it over with. Of course I come up out of the water only to see my family departing the cold water. We spent a few hours there and then headed home. Priceman cut the grass which was growing like a jungle thanks to all the rain. I packed our suitcases and got ready.

You see Price and I were heading to a Generous Giving retreat. We had been invited by a couple we love and respect from North Heartland. They paid for us to attend. We weren’t sure what to expect. We got there and were amazed at our wonderful room and the terrificly tasty dinner. After dinner, the first session began. It was a transformational moment. This retreat wasn’t about “give more money” or “will you make a pledge.” It was simply about asking you to take a look at your heart when it comes to your “stuff” and money. I can’t explain it all here but for me the retreat challenged me on many levels. Saturday morning, we got up and enjoyed breakfast and then another session (with a break which included hot yummy cinnamon rolls). Then around 12:30 we headed home.

The kids were entertained by our friends, Austin & Alison. The kids had a great time with them where they cooked and baked and enjoyed running around and entertaining someone besides us.

 After we got back home, we took another trip to our swimming pool. We had great fun. Then it was off to work for me. We were making quite a few changes this week for services so I needed to get there and get everything ready. After work, I came home and we enjoyed yummy leftovers.  Then it was time to get daddy ready for his trip.

Maya has decided that sleeping is overrated. She has developed a bad sleeping pattern of not going to sleep until 10:30 pm(this particular night it was 11:15)  and then waking up in the night with bad dreams and wanting someone to sleep with her. So Priceman and I have been very sleepy as of late. Send any suggestions our way to help the wee princess enjoy the beauty of a good night’s sleep!

Price and I finally had the chance to watch the next to the last Battlestar Galatica for the season. Why must this show taunt me? Why can’t they just tell me who the final cylon is? Come on!

Sunday morning came to early and it was time to head to church. Right after the service we took Priceman to the airport:(

Then it was back to church to grab my stuff and head home for a little pizza party with some gals from NHCC who I share a small group with. Around 3 ish they all left and Maya and I laid down for our nap. After nap, I decided to do something I normally would NOT do. I willingly offered and surprised the kids with a trip to McDonalds. After eating their happy meals, I let them jump around in the playland for at least 45 minutes. They were the only kids in there so it was much more reasonable (usually the loud screaming and smell of dirty socks makes me crazy).

Then we grabbed some treats and headed home for a “movie” night (where we watch cartoons for 30 minutes) and a “camp out” in the living room. I finally got them to fall asleep at 10:15 pm (maybe the ice cream and soda were too much, eh?).

Well that was our weekend and now we are enjoying week 1 of Summer. Today after work and their summer fun programs, we headed to the pool once again. Now we are preparing for yet another “movie”night. So on that note, good night to all and to all a good night.

Daddy if you are reading this, have fun and come home soon. We miss you!

Weekend Round up Girlie Style

So Priceman told you all about the boys awesome weekend but what about us girls? Did you ever think about us? Huh, Price didya? Would it have killed you to write my weekend round up as well? Come on, you are much funnier than I am.

 Here’s my lame attempt at a weekend round up. After work Friday, I came home to secretly pack the suitcase for Steven and Price. Steven had no idea until 5:45 pm (just minutes before leaving) that he was going to Springfield. Who doesn’t love a surprise road trip, eh?

 So the boys left and Maya and I awaited the arrival of our guest, the ever talented Laurie the Treasure Sale Queen. Laurie is a friend and also a volunteer on my Event Planning Team. She graciously, and somewhat naively, agreed to be the leader of our church’s annual Treasure Sale. She knew I would be out from surgery in the pre-work stage. So she has been coordinating all the efforts with our team and the many many donations coming in. Anyway, she was coming over so I could treat her to dinner out at a place of her choosing. We went to Smokehouse BBQ. YUMMY! We ate corn nuggets, burnt ends and delicious beans. Sweet! We were stuffed when we left.

We headed back to Casa de Horn to continue our meeting looking over the details of the Treasure Sale (which is this week). Maya came home to chill and watch some Noggin while we met. Around 10:30 pm, Laurie left and Maya and I got ready for bed. Once she was asleep, I spent a good 45 minutes trying to convince my grossly overweight pug, Elly, to jump up on the bed. She wouldn’t do it. Very frustrating! Finally I got her up there. After all that, I was still kind of wired from the little tantrum and from all the Iced Tea at the restaurant and decided to watch The Producers (the old one with Gene Wilder). I fell asleep half way through the movie.

 In the morning, Maya and I enjoyed a breakfast of cinnamon rolls. So tasty. Shortly thereafter, our friend Hey Jules stopped by. I had asked her to come over and take some shots of my princesses with her awesome amazing camera (notice how last night Elly was a grossly overweight pug and today she is my princess;). She did and here is some of work.

Elly Licks

Elly side view

 See some great ones of Maya over at Jules place. Are those not amazing? Jules is the awesome.

 So after Jules left, I continued on a project I had started earlier which was to declutter and clean out Steven’s room (for donations to the Treasure Sale). Then us girls ate lunch and napped briefly. It was then time for me to get ready for work and get the babysitter. Our good friend, Miss Emma, came to hang with Maya. While I was at work, they made homemade pizza and had a PJ party. I got home, ate the left over pizza and Maya and I settled down for a girls movie night. We got into mommy’s bed and started to watch Jane Eyre. Never having seen the movie or read the book (I know I know FOR SHAME!), I thought it would be along the lines of Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice so it would be ok for Maya to watch with me. She likes the dancing and horses and such. Yikes, that movie was a little darker than I expected. Fine for me, but a bit much for the wee princess. So it was back to tickling and pretty to hide under the covers where I can’t see her.

 Finally our boys arrived home and there was much rejoicing and we all crashed around 11 pm (11:30 for us parent types). Sunday, it was back to work for me. I was hosting our services and then the work began. Setting up and sorting hundreds of boxes and bags of donations of clothing, toys, books, knick knacks and more. Wow, that stuff really piles up! But it’s all for a good cause, 100% of the profits go to agencies that serve those in need.

 I got home around 5:45 pm and we ate dinner. After the kids went to nighty night, Daddy and I watched a little Battlestar Galactica (Man why did you get me hooked on this show?). Then as Priceman finished up his version of the weekend roundup, I watched the latest in the battle for Top Chef Chicago. Poor Jen:( My bets are on Richard, Dale and Stephanie as the final 3. We shall see. Top Chef please come to KC and fix me something tasty!

 Well after a weekend of craziness, Daddy and I are super tired. So off to night night for the entire Horn Clan.

Good night John Boy.

The Long Awaited Conclusion

For ye few but faithful readers, I apologize profusely for keeping you waiting on the conclusion to Maya’s Birth Story.

Now just two weeks later, here is the exciting conclusion.

So for those of you who don’t know the story. Here’s a recap of the reason there is a big age difference between our kiddos. When the boy was about 2 1/2 years old, all the other females in our family were pregnant and I was ready to have another. It was at this point that Price made his opinion known that he was thinking we should just stick with one kiddo. Well it would be nice to say that I was okay and understanding about his opinion but NO WAY. I was mad and angry and let him know it and thus begun a three-year struggle in our marriage. Some days were better than others and some were downright nightmares.

We agreed that it would require God’s intervention to get us beyond this point. In November of 2002, Steven’s best friend from preschool died unexpectedly just a few days after being diagnosed with leukemia. It was at this point, I was hugely convicted that I had been taking for granted that I had one beautiful and healthy child and that I was missing out on time with him because I was always looking for ways to convince Price to have another one. And so I was content. One was enough and I was very happy to have him. I thought God had answered my prayers. He had taken away the ache to have another child and so we were on the same page…one child it was.

Until a few months later just a few days before leaving on a business trip to Seattle, Price informed me that he felt like God was saying the time had come for us to expand our family. I was totally taken back and after a short period of disbelief was excited that God had totally surprised me! We were on the same page but this time our family would expand.

So in early April, we found out that we were expecting. In May, we heard the baby’s heartbeat along with Steven who was so thrilled. He had been praying for a sibling and he was excited that God had answered his prayer. He immediately called both Nanas and Papas to inform them of the great news.

The pregnancy was great. Truth be told, I love being pregnant. It’s a very cool experience for me. My nausea isn’t too bad (unlike some of my friends). It’s neat to feel the baby moving. And of course, everyone enourages you to eat a lot…after all you are eating for two;)

Anyway, towards the end of the pregnancy I was ready to have Miss Maya out and with us. The doctor decided to induce me and so bright and early on December 11th I was admitted to the hospital and the induction began. The pain got a little intense and then came my hero, the epi man. With the epidural in place, I was ready to bring little bit in to the world. Though maybe she wasn’t quite ready??

Maya is born

The labor was pretty easy, considering the difficulties I had with Steven. After just 7 hours, Maya was born (Steven took 19 1/2 hours).

And we were very happy to have both sets of grandparents visit within the first few days of Miss Maya’s arrival. My folks were here to help with Steven while I was in the hospital and then Price’s folks showed up (totally surprising us) on the day we brought her home. We were shocked to see them as it was snowing pretty heavily that day in KC and the Horns had braved the near 8 hour drive up to see Maya and most of the way in the snow.

Steven & Maya

Big Brother Steven with Princess Maya. He was so proud to be a big brother!

The Horns with Miss Maya

Papa & Nana Horn with their KC grandkids.

The Telfords with Miss Maya

Papa & Nana Telford with their KC grandkids.

And thus is the story of Princess Maya and her exciting trek into our lives. We are very blessed and honored to have the gift of two great kids each with their own unique personalities and talents. They make our lives very rich and very very exciting!

And now for my Christmas nap!

4 Years Ago…

Well it was this time 4 years ago, that I had finished up a dinner at Cracker Barrel. My “last supper” if you will. The last morsel of food and drink before having labor induced to deliver one beautiful baby girl.

 Price, Steven, “Uncle” Tom and I had gone out for a bite to prepare for the joyous arrival of little bit. I ate pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, rolls and a Stewart’s Root Beer. YUM!

It was our last night at home alone with our little boy Steven, who would seem to age years by the time I returned home from the hospital. We would snuggle up and enjoy our night together. Price and I enjoyed our last full night of sleep for years to come.

Mommy & Elly

Steven & Elly

Oh yeah, and how could we forget our baby, Elly. We snuggled with her too. Reassuring her that she would not be replaced, well probably not anyway. Oh come on, like I could give up my baby Elly.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on this story…

Happy Birthday to ME!

That’s right…Happy Birthday to ME. I am officially more than half way to 40 but I’m still not as close as Price;)  Kind of scary because I remember thinking that 40 was soo old and now well it seems so young!

This morning Price greeted me with a Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce latte from Starbucks, YUM. Then he made me a tasty breakfast burrito. I call  him St. Price. For lunch some friends took me to one of my local faves, Tomfooleries. YUM!

Then tonight the Pman made me tasty roast with potatoes and carrots and I broke the sugar fast for a piece of birthday cake. Extra YUM!

So I now weigh 10 pounds more than I did this morning.

It’s been a good day and I have  the promise of more birthday fun when I spend this coming weekend with my mom and some of our extended family in Dallas and then Priceman is going to get us tickets for Wicked when it comes to town. Yiippee!

So what have I learned in 36 years?

Not much.

Okay seriously, I am still learning not to take myself so seriously; that most people are fickle and pleasing them will dang near kill you; to be grateful is a major key to contentment; and that God loves me just as I am but always desires me to be so very much more.

So here’s to another year of becoming all that God desires for me to be. And a big thank you to my family and friends who get to be a part of that process. Thanks for loving me.