Minnesota Vacation, 2015

It’s that time of year again… time for the annual vacation post! You know what that means: you can ignore this site for the better part of another year.

This year’s travels involved a “Tour de Minnesota,” from the shores of Lake Superior to the malls of the Twin Cities. Trigger warning: may contain brief imagery of me shirtless.

20th Anniversary Colorado Trip, 2014

How about another video? Another one? Sure!

The wifey and I celebrated 20 years of wedded something-or-other (mostly bliss for me, mostly endurance for her) by foisting the children off on whomever would take them, then high-tailing it to Colorado to enjoy awesome scenery and incredible craft brews. Take a look, won’t you?!

(Want to know how we met? Check it.)

Chicago Vacation, 2014

Hey, it turns out we have a blog. I guess I had kind of forgotten about it? Do you realize I haven’t written a single thing on this blog for over a year? Well, that streak ends today (and another streak starts tomorrow).

Anyway, hey, look, we took a trip to a place that is not the place where we live, and we stayed there for several days and did a bunch of stuff. It’s called a vacation, and here are a few highlights. Watch it, and then forget this blog exists for another year or so. It’s what I would do.

Washington, DC Vacation 2013

There was a time, long ago, when I used to update this blog all the danged time. That time is long since past. But at least I can do my yearly post of a vacation highlight reel that will be watched by about a dozen people and enjoyed by a small fraction of that number.

To that end: highlights of our trip to Washington, DC, where we naively and unsuccessfully attempted to see every possible thing ever. After a while, all the giant columns and old-president statues started to run together, but nonetheless it was wicked enjoyable. (We also took a brief side trip to the Branson of the Eastern Seaboard: Ocean City, Maryland. Despite encountering much drunken douchebaggery from other tourist-types, we still had a great time, thanks to the three S’s of sun, sea, and soft-shelled crabs.)

Watch and enjoy, won’t you? WON’T YOU.

Minneapolis Vacation 2012

Hey, check it out you guys, I am totally making a post on the blog that we are paying for but never actually using! And I am doing so to share a vacation video that is super-timely, in that it is only several weeks old instead of being months out-of-date like the last one!

Anyway, we went to Minneapolis, wherein we scampered about the lakes and shopping centers of the Twin Cities. Well, one of them, anyway. We totally skipped visiting St. Paul because it was all the way across a bridge. Enjoy!

Colorado Vacation 2011

Remember that Colorado vacation we took eight months ago? Presenting: the highlight reel! Yeah, I’m that fast. Anyway, we headed west for fun and adventure in Colorado with our friends the Butlers. We spent a week playing and exploring in and around Summit County, Lake Dillon, and Glenwood Springs.

(Apologies for the lame generic soundtrack, but I had to throw some royalty-free stuff in there after YouTube choked on the Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane I used in the original.)

Steven Horn IS Harry S Truman

Steven’s individual performance from the Greater Kansas City National History Day competition at the Harry S Truman Presidential Library.

Vacation Video Highlights: 2010 Edition

Lookin’ to win a vacation…

Here is our contest entry for this. It’s a contest whereby you send in a video describing the top 10 reasons you deserve a free Glenwood Springs vacation. Yeah, I know, we just had a vacation there, but we loved it so much we’d love to go back. Especially if it’s free! Can you blame us? Anyway, here’s our video entry…

You can’t vote on it or anything; the choice is completely up to the owners of Glenwood Caverns. Still, keep those fingers crossed! It’s not like we’ll take you with us if we win, but if you send some positive vibes our way we promise not to hate you (as much).

Vacation Video Highlights: 2009 Edition

Some highlights of our trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado…

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