Sugar Fast?

Well some girlfriends and I are on a 30 day sugar fast. We began Sept 15 so I am officially on day 4 and oh sugar how do I miss thee let me count the ways!

  • White cupcakes with white icing
  • Cherry pie
  • Apple pie
  • Apple crisp
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Starbucks Coffeecake
  • Starbucks Vanilla Latte
  • Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino (in the bottle)
  • Vanilla Shakes from Sheridan’s (local custard place)
  • Candy corn
  • Chocolate of any kind
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Chocolate chip cookie with icing on top
  • And the list could go on and on and on

So do you think I have a slight addiction?

So why do this you ask? Well I have an infection that won’t clear up and they have recommended that a fast from refined sugar would be very helpful. So some very very very good friends suggested I try to make it for 30 days and they would join me. So a shout out to my SFF (Sugar Free Friends) and BOOOOO to Mr. Horn who has been tempting me with delectable treats and eating yummy goodies right in front of me.

How will I survive Gladfest, a local festival, where they sell all manner of tasty treats including funnel cakes, kettle korn and the worst…deep fried oreos. Oh somebody save me!

Yay Website!

This is all very exciting in Casa de Horn and a HUGE thank you to Pman for making this happen. I know we are excited to finally keep updated with our family and friends in a “live” fashion.

 Around here life is returning to “normal” also known as busy. With the kids both back in school and me back to work there is never a dull moment. This summer we had a crazy time while I underwent two different surgeries, one resulting in a temporary ileostomy which I’ll have for about a year.

 I’m excited that at the end of this month, I’ll be going to Dallas to see my aunt and uncle along with my mom and many other Cordia family members. I’ve never been, so I’m looking forward to it.

 Life at work is picking up as I prepare to run 4 major events (a giant Halloween party for the community, a church wide garage sale, a Santa party for the community and a New Year’s Eve party for the church) in a matter of 3 months. So if you wanna come visit and work just let me know:)

 Well it’s short and sweet just like me (oh gag!)

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